A decade in retrospect

Ten years ago I was mentally preparing myself to leave Singapore. While I knew it was only for a time, I embraced with fervour the fantasy that it might be forever. Coming back was a painful experience — something I apparently share with many of those other fortunates who had the chance to sample life elsewhere.

Something like this NLB nonsense, had it happened ten years ago, would have only sharpened my appetite to go.

Now, something odd is happening. While I’m still resolved to leave again when I can, I’m beginning to feel an odd sense of resolve building, something I could never have imagined feeling ten years ago.

I’m beginning to feel like I ought to come back.

Perhaps ten years ago I could tell myself that this country’s ills were none of my business.

Now I can’t help but feel that my country needs me more than ever. The country needs inspired, intelligent, and resolute people, and I would like to lay claim to at least some of those qualities.

It needs me and people like me and I can’t help but feel moved to answer that need.

But how?


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