I read English at university, and I am currently working in the education business. I love reading and the martial arts, but while it seems hard to find time for those pursuits I always manage to scrounge up some time for video games. Odd how that works out. I love to argue. If I feel good winning, it’s because I’ve done a good job. If I feel good losing, it must be because you are an amazing person who’s wowed me to the point where all I can muster is slow applause and deepening admiration. It’s been known to happen. I’d like to think that I’m passionate about social causes but it looks like my huge word-count of angry things to say about the status quo is not-very-well-balanced against an empty ledger of volunteerism and charitable donations, so I must be a hypocrite. I would love to write a novel some day. I have some ideas lined up but there always seems to be something more pressing to do.

This blog is a commitment to writing something on a regular basis. Every day, if possible. Please, gentle reader, hold me to it.

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